Ukraine-Russia Conflict

Last updated: 16:35 BST, 24 May 2022


Russia launches all-out assault to encircle Ukrainian troops in twin cities straddling eastern river in battle which could determine the success or failure of Moscow's campaign 

24/05/22 16:25

24/05/22 15:30

The average price of diesel yesterday was 181.14p per litre, up from 179.7p last week and 151.95p in late February before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according to Government figures.

24/05/22 12:52

Wimbledon will now effectively be an exhibition tournament after being stripped of its ranking points following its decision to ban Russian and Belarusian players.

24/05/22 11:34

The Russian leader has been accused of deliberately weaponizing food supplies to cause global chaos, and has been targeting Ukrainian farms and production sites.

24/05/22 10:00

Liverpool and Real Madrid face off in the European showpiece at the Stade de France, Paris on Saturday night. And on Tuesday, the German sportswear company unveiled the ball which will be used.

24/05/22 08:00

Djokovic called the All England Club's ban of players from Russia and Belarus over the invasion of Ukraine 'a mistake' and criticised Wimbledon organisers for their lack of communication.

24/05/22 07:10

President Biden and Indian PM Narendra Modi discussed Russia's 'brutal and unjustified invasion of Ukraine and the effect it has on the entire global world order' in a one-on-one meeting, he said.

24/05/22 02:43

The Academy Award-winning actor, 84, was among the 963 people on the list released by the Kremlin Saturday.

24/05/22 02:14

The former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger told the global elite that Ukraine should give Russia territory within the next two months and accept terms that fail to meet current war aims.

24/05/22 01:02

Lithuanian foreign minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said yesterday he had discussed the creation of such a 'protective corridor' from Odesa with British foreign secretary Liz Truss.

23/05/22 22:47

IAN BIRRELL: A Russian tank officer who was captured after one month fighting in Ukraine was found to have been filming a home movie about the invasion on his mobile.

23/05/22 17:05

Russia's state-backed media has become infamous for its anti-Ukrainian rants since the war broke out in February 24. The latest outburst was from RT's Margarita Simonyan.

23/05/22 17:00

Pilot captain Serhiy Parkhomenko, 25, from the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia, died whilst fighting in the Zaporizhzhia region in eastern Ukraine.

23/05/22 12:19

Footage shared by a member of opposition leader Alexei Navalny's party shows concert-goers in Russia's second-largest city chanting 'f*** the war' in the latest sign of fury at Putin's invasion.

23/05/22 11:46

The star-studded event hosted by Hollywood Domino aimed to raise much needed funds for the country following Russia's February invasion.

23/05/22 11:15

Vadim Shishimarin, a 21-year-old tank commander, had pleaded guilty to killing 62-year-old Oleksandr Shelipov in the northeastern Ukrainian village of Chupakhivka on February 28.

23/05/22 10:27

Poor tactics, limited air cover, a lack of flexibility, and a command approach reinforcing failure and repeating mistakes has led to the high casualty rate, said the UK Ministry of Defence.

23/05/22 10:01

Dogs ran away from their homes and cats were reportedly left 'spooked' during the event at the Lucknam Park hotel and spa near Chippenham on Saturday, organised for actress Louise Ford's 40th.

23/05/22 10:01

Talk will become pointless and brute force will once again rule the world unless Russia's invasion of Ukraine is defeated, President Volodymyr Zelensky has told the Davos summit.

23/05/22 09:00

Captain Adam Khamkhoyev, 30, a paratrooper commander, was killed on Friday night in Ukraine and later buried in the southern Russian province of Ingushetia.

23/05/22 07:55

Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russian space agency Roscosmos and a staunch Putin ally, showed off a crater caused by a Sarmat-2 missile test-launched without a nuclear warhead.

23/05/22 07:39

Russian blockades are preventing the export of key goods from the 'breadbasket of Europe', leading to rising food prices and shortages globally including a major threat of famine in Africa.

23/05/22 01:55

A bill banning use of symbols of the Russian invasion (pictured) has been passed in Ukraine.

23/05/22 01:52

ANDREW PIERCE: One might have expected Tory grandee Sir Edward Leigh to have publicly backed the Pope's criticism of the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church.

22/05/22 23:16

The Ukraine international has been a key figure in City's latest success despite the emotional turmoil he has suffered since Russia's invasion of his homeland in February.

22/05/22 22:01

A Ukrainian refugee who embarked on a romance with her UK sponsor while staying with his family has denied being a 'homewrecker' and called the accusations 'b*****t'.

22/05/22 20:27

Public appearances by Vladimir Putin were 'staged' last week to mask an absence from duties, raising new speculation about his health, an opposition source claimed.

22/05/22 19:36

During his address, General Mark Milley, chairman of the Army's Joint Chiefs of Staff, told graduates to prepare for the brewing conflict - which he said will change the way wars are fought.

22/05/22 18:07

Public appearances by Vladimir Putin were 'staged' last week to mask an absence from duties, raising new speculation about his health, an opposition source claimed.

22/05/22 17:17

Warmongering Russian president Vladimir Putin will be shipped off to a sanatorium by the end of the year, a former MI6 chief predicts.

22/05/22 16:57

Thefts have soared since the beginning of the year and are continuing to increase in the wake of price rises caused by the war in Ukraine which have left many consumers struggling.

22/05/22 16:53

The bombs have been used to devastating effect in the 10-year Syrian civil war (pictured), with evidence suggesting that Bashar al-Assad's forces using them to kill thousands of civilians.

22/05/22 15:31

With persistent rumours of serious ill health for Putin, one method of 'moving things on' without need for a violent coup would be to place him in a long term hospital, Dearlove predicted.

22/05/22 13:18

Father-of-two Tony Garnett, 29, who dumped his partner of 10 years for his Ukrainian refugee girlfriend Sofiia, has been pictured with the 22-year-old after they moved into his parents' home.

22/05/22 08:27

Sophia Khliabych-Petrova, 31, who goes by the stage name Sonya Kay, and her husband Oleg Petrov, an ice hockey player, told FEMAIL how she fled the capital 'within minutes' of Putin's invasion.

22/05/22 02:49

President Joe Biden is set to dine out with Japanese Prime Minister Kishida on his visit to Tokyo, keeping up a tradition that Presidents Trump, Obama, and Bush have taken part in.

22/05/22 01:52

Volodymyr Zelensky reunited with wife Olena in their first joint interview since the Russian invasion began on February 25. Olena said: 'He was a reliable man before and that he remains'

21/05/22 22:28

Lorna Garnett says she has been left heartbroken after her partner of ten years Tony decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Ukrainian refugee Sofiia Karkadym who was staying with them

21/05/22 14:42

Director Oliver Stone was granted unprecedented access to the Russian President for a series of interviews between 2015 and 2017 and that he believes he had beaten cancer in the past.

21/05/22 12:14

The fire began at a power substation supplying the institute, 43 miles southeast of Moscow, which has been crucial to the development of aircraft such as the Su-27, MiG-29, and MiG-31 fighters.

21/05/22 11:56

Joe Biden signed the $40B aid package for Ukraine Saturday night from Seoul, with an aide flying a paper copy of the legislation to the president who was in the air Thursday when it passed the Senate.

21/05/22 08:02

Russian energy giant Gazprom said it had 'completely stopped gas deliveries' as it had not received ruble payments from Finland's state-owned energy company Gasum

20/05/22 22:47

Gap year charity Raleigh International which sent Wills and Kate to work on projects in Chile in their teens has collapsed. The company said its finances were hit hard by the pandemic and travel rules.

20/05/22 22:10

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby dismissed questions about his future on Friday, saying he had no personnel announcements to make, after reports that he will move to the White House.

20/05/22 16:57

Alexei Fenenko, an associate professor at Moscow State University's school of world politics and a research fellow at the Institute of International Security Studies, made the incredible claim yesterday

20/05/22 15:57

Nina Jankowicz told CNN Thursday night that the heavily criticized board was a victim of politics are previously saying she and her family were given death threats during her tenure.

20/05/22 13:37

Mikhail Khodaryonok, a former air defence commander, took to the stage yesterday where boasted about the strength of Russia's military, contradicting statements he made just days ago

20/05/22 10:56

'I believe that (Vadim) Shishimarin is not guilty of the crime that he is accused of. I ask you to acquit my client,' lawyer Viktor Ovsyannikov told the court. 'His actions were aimed at saving lives'

20/05/22 09:42

Igor Girkin, an ex-FSB agent who led fighting in Donbas in 2014, says there is no path to victory for Russia's forces currently fighting in the region, who are incurring 'huge' losses for little gain.

20/05/22 02:27

Maria Vorontsova, 37, the president's eldest daughter from his first marriage, was running the social media account called 'Maria V' defending Putin according to reports.

20/05/22 01:29

President Joe Biden will sign a $40 billion bill to provide aid to Ukraine, after it passed the Senate 86-11 Thursday. All those voting against were Republicans.

20/05/22 00:03

ROSS CLARK: Last month,the Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner, wrote to Michael Gove to warn him about the dominance of Chinese CCTV equipment in Britain.

19/05/22 23:24

Boris Johnson yesterday held talks with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky on moving grain out of Ukraine amid warnings some countries could face famine.

19/05/22 22:00

Sergeant Vadim Shishimarin, 21, hung his head and begged for 'forgiveness' when he was cross-examined by the widow of Oleksandr Shelypov, 62, whom he shot in the head.

19/05/22 19:24

In a largely bipartisan vote the Senate passed a bill Thursday to provide $40 billion more in aid to Ukraine as the war with Russia stretches on into its fourth month.

19/05/22 16:46

Shadow transport minister Sam Tarry said the Government has awarded £15 million to electric bus manufacturer Arrival, founded and run by Denis Sverdlov.

19/05/22 16:27

Russian politician Viktor Kamenshchikov was recently apprehended for illegally crossing the United States-Mexico border, the country's state news agency RIA-Novosti reported Thursday.

19/05/22 15:59

Christo Grozev, a Russia expert, says FSB and GRU elites with access to enough information to know the truth of what is happening in Ukraine are already preparing for the possibility of a coup.

19/05/22 15:58

Kyiv's troops decorated the missiles with warm messages for World Embroidery Day, known locally as Vyshyvanka, which takes place in Ukraine on May 21.

19/05/22 15:05

JEFF POWELL: Finite confirmation of Joshua's bid to regain the multiple belts he lost to former undisputed world cruiser weight champion in a huge upset last year has been delayed again.

19/05/22 14:00

Jankowicz revealed that she just recalled 'one or two days' in recent weeks that she 'didn't report a violent threat' and said her critics 'need to learn how to be adults in the room.'

19/05/22 12:09

Ukraine and Russia together produce almost a third of the world's wheat and barley and half of its sunflower oil, with global leaders desperate to export grain held in Ukrainian ports.

19/05/22 11:34

Vadim Shishimarin, 21, a former tank sergeant in the Russian army, was today confronted in court by Kateryna Shelypova - whose husband Oleksandr he killed with a shot to the head on February 28.

19/05/22 09:44

Russian commanders are hesitant to seize the initiative and are deferring decision because they are afraid of being blamed for mistakes, the UK says, which has hobbled Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

19/05/22 08:51

Vladimir Putin's daughter Katerina Tikhonova, 35, reportedly has a daughter with 52-year-old Igor Zelensky, who is a leading Russian professional ballet dancer and top director.

19/05/22 04:05

Bush made the embarrassing gaffe in a speech at his presidential center in Dallas, where he spoke about the importance of fair elections and slammed Russia's autocratic system.

18/05/22 22:20

Diplomats raised the Stars and Stripes over the U.S. embassy in Kyiv on Wednesday, signaling that it was open for business again after shutting down three months ago before Russia invaded Ukraine.

18/05/22 22:02

Baby-faced Russian tank commander Vadim Shishimarin, 21, who shot a Ukrainian grandfather dead was stared down in court yesterday by his victim's widow - who said he should 'rot in jail'.

18/05/22 20:11

A gas station chain is reprogramming its pumps in Washington state to accommodate $10-a-gallon fuel prices as the average price of gasoline across the country soars to $4.57.

18/05/22 19:59

British Army veteran, Tom, 34, has been on a mission to save abandoned and misplaced animals in war-torn Ukraine with his rescue group, Breaking the Chains, since Russia's invasion earlier this year.

18/05/22 17:22

The former Chelsea, AC Milan and Dynamo Kiev striker will be an ambassador of the charity, which provides support in areas including defence and demining, medical aid and infrastructure.

18/05/22 13:32

Video shows the much-vaunted 'Terminator' armoured vehicles, which are designed to support infantry units fighting in urban areas, in the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine.

18/05/22 13:30

The race, due to be held in Sochi in September, was scrapped back in February as a result of Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine. In March, F1 also cancelled its contract with the Russian Grand Prix.

18/05/22 13:30

Vadim Shishimarin, 21, answered 'yes' when asked by prosecutors at a Kyiv court whether he was guilty on charges of war crimes shooting 62-year-old Oleksandr Shelypov in the head on February 28.

18/05/22 11:59

Russia's foreign ministry has sent a list of global bodies to parliament with orders to cut ties with any organisation 'damaging our country' including the WHO and WTO, local media has reported.

18/05/22 10:31

Lieutenant-Colonel Denis Sukhanov, 41, and Colonel Denis Kozlov, 40, have both been confirmed killed in Ukraine on the same day, as Kyiv's troops continue to inflict heavy losses on Putin's officers.

18/05/22 08:26

Ivan Kuliak, 20, wore the symbol - which has come to represent support for Putin's war on Ukraine - while receiving a bronze medal in the parallel bars in Qatar in March.

17/05/22 22:57

Vladimir Putin is trapped by all the myths of military power that underpin his legitimacy; the main ideological foundation of the Russian state, writes ALEXANDER TEMERKO.

17/05/22 22:18

Moscow had agreed to exchange hundreds of members of the Azov Regiment - the Ukrainian unit holed up in the Soviet-era steel mill - in a prisoner swap earlier this week.

17/05/22 15:09

Journalist Iryna Zemliana said that within hours of covering ambassador Sergei Andreev in fake blood at a ceremony in Warsaw, she had been inundated with threats on social media.