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Tucker Carlson slams Kamala Harris as a 'low IQ wine mom' who is a 'dyslexic poet' after her latest word salad speech

24/05/22 17:14

24/05/22 15:48

Psaki will also appear as an analyst and will appear on NBC and MSNBC during primetime and election coverage.

19/05/22 15:43

Less than an hour before Harris spoke at an event for abortion providers, Oklahoma's Republican legislature passed the most restrictive abortion bill in the country right now.

17/05/22 00:15

Kamala Harris' former spokesperson Symone Sanders knocked down rumors of a rift between Harris and President Joe Biden suggesting journalists are just thirsty for some drama.

16/05/22 19:08

The Democratic Party and VP Kamala Harris are less popular and viewed more unfavorably than the Republican Party, former President Donald Trump and even Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

15/05/22 21:25

The seniority of the US delegation is a reflection of the UAE's strategic importance to American interests in the Middle East. It also appears that Washington is hoping for a fresh start with Abu Dhabi.

14/05/22 02:26

Kamala Harris raked in far more book royalties than Joe Biden in 2021 - taking a cool $455,000 compared to the $15,000-50,000 the president made for his tomes.

13/05/22 19:28

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff's daughter, Ella Emhoff, 22, wore a rhinestone tweed jacket by the designer. She posed for pictures with Steve Jobs' youngest daughter, Eve, 23.

11/05/22 21:27

The Senate failed in a 49-51 vote to codify abortion rights Wednesday afternoon in a bill that even some moderate abortion rights supporters said went too far.

09/05/22 06:44

The 29-year-old actress was seen arriving at JFK Airport shortly after touching down in New York City on Sunday night.

08/05/22 17:33

The actress, 29, posted a gushing message as she announced she would be hosting the May 14th episode of the variety show to her Instagram account on Saturday.

06/05/22 22:12

First Lady Jill Biden called the leaked draft that suggests the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade 'shocking,' but said it should be a call to action for young women.

06/05/22 07:26

Former Vice President Mike Pence fired back at his successor on Thursday night for remarks she made about the potential for Roe v. Wade to be overturned.

05/05/22 21:13

Kamala Harris backed out of appearing in a video with Biden on student loan forgiveness, not wanting to become the public face of a matter on which the administration was unlikely to satisfy progressives.

04/05/22 13:06

Kamala Harris furiously lashed out at Republicans for trying to 'deny women their freedoms' in remarks Tuesday after a Supreme Court leak showed a draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

02/05/22 19:59

Vice President Kamala Harris tested negative for covid on Monday and will return to in-person work at the White House on Tuesday with a 'well-fitting' face mask

28/04/22 23:41

Vice President Kamala Harris is feeling good and working from home, first gentleman Douglas Emhoff said in a tweet including a photo of his wife.

28/04/22 17:54

President Joe Biden has had lunch with Vice President Kamala Harris only twice this year so far, according to a review of their public schedules.

28/04/22 14:19

Sen. Joe Manchin said last year he would consider defecting to Republicans if South Dakota Senator John Thune were leader of the party instead of Mitch McConnell, according to an upcoming book.

27/04/22 17:53

Harris quickly learned not to come between Biden and his negotiations with Congress, when the president once snapped at her so harshly even Republicans were shocked.

27/04/22 15:40

The 29-year-old star and her make-up brand Rare Beauty's Rare Impact Fund have joined forces with MTV Entertainment to launch the first-ever Mental Health Youth Action Forum.

27/04/22 12:39

Her press secretary Kirsten Allen said in a statement that Harris - who is fully-vaccinated and double boosted - received positive rapid and PCR test results after returning from a week in California.

26/04/22 17:30

Vice President Kamala Harris has contracted Covid-19. Harris tweeted Tuesday afternoon that she was 'grateful to be both vaccinated and boosted.' The White House said that Biden called Harris to 'check in.'

26/04/22 15:23

Harris quickly learned not to come between Biden and his negotiations with Congress, when the president once snapped at her so harshly even Republicans were shocked.

25/04/22 18:02

When given the choice, voters are more likely to be unsure of which Democrat they want running in the 2024 presidential race than they are to desire Biden or VP Harris on the ticket.

21/04/22 22:56

Vice President Kamala Harris' chief of staff Tina Flournoy is set to leave her post, it was reported Thursday, making her the 12th official to leave the VP's office.

21/04/22 19:37

In addition to Harris and Emhoff, Russia is targeting U.S. officials like Biden's Chief of Staff Ron Klain, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby and State Department spokesman Ned Price.

18/04/22 22:31

Slightly more than one in five Americans do not think 79-year-old President Joe Biden will complete his first term in office a new survey showed.

18/04/22 18:53

Vice President Kamala Harris was captured laughing with the Easter Bunny and posing with a baby girl during Monday's White House Easter Egg Roll.

18/04/22 14:14

Harris, who President Joe Biden has tasked with a myriad of hefty issues like voting rights, illegal immigration and space, still finds time for the quick word game within her hectic schedule.

17/04/22 18:21

Psagot Winery is located just outside of the West Bank settlement of Psagot, and was the site of a controversial visit from then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in November 2020.

13/04/22 23:27

DailyMail.com captured the moment a man who impersonated a federal agent arrived at his family's Virginia home after being released because the judge felt he wasn't a risk despite fun arsenal.

13/04/22 20:32

Even registered voters in Kamala Harris' home state of California aren't happy with the job she is doing as vice president with her approval reaching only 35 percent in the state she once served as senator.

13/04/22 15:27

The SNL-style skit comes from the show 'Studio 22', and features Vice President Kamala Harris played by a man in drag who has to help Biden when he loses his train of thought.

12/04/22 20:39

A DC judge is denying federal prosecutors motion to detain the two men impersonating federal agents because he says he isn't convinced that there are links to Pakistan intelligence

12/04/22 15:07

A top medical expert Dr. Nicole Saphier tore into the White House for making a 'mockery' of CDC guidelines after Vice President Kamala Harris went maskless despite a covid-19 contact.

11/04/22 22:24

Jen Psaki defended Kamala Harris for not wearing a face mask yet again, this time in a video posted by the White House of the vice president going bare-faced indoors.

11/04/22 16:57

The apartment unit belonging to one of the two men arrested last week for impersonating DHS agents was searched by Metro Police officers last year, but the cops left without taking any action.

10/04/22 07:05

A video conflicts with Jen Psaki's claim that COVID-exposed Vice President Kamala Harris wore a mask during indoor portions of Judge Ketanji Jackson's Supreme Court confirmation celebration.

08/04/22 23:15

One of the men allegedly posing as a Homeland Security agent has shared images to his Instagram showing him next to actor Bradley Cooper and comedian Seth Meyers.

08/04/22 21:26

White House press secretary Jen Psaki defended Vice President Kamala Harris for not wearing a mask during an outdoor event celebrating Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation to SCOTUS.

08/04/22 20:18

Biden in a made-for-TV sweet moment called Harris the first 'really smart decision' he made in his presidency.

08/04/22 15:07

A motion for detention of the two men who were arrested Wednesday for impersonating federal agents includes a slew of damning evidence, including images showing several passports and IDs.

07/04/22 21:37

White House press secretary Jen Psaki iinsisted President Biden was not a close contact with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has tested positive for covid, despite kiss the two shared

07/04/22 19:18

The Senate voted 53-47 on Thursday to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, with three Republicans voting with all Democrats.

07/04/22 16:24

Speaker Nancy Pelosi tested positive for covid on Thursday as a new wave of cases hit the Washington D.C. area. Biden's sister Valerie Biden Owens also tested positive.

06/04/22 22:41

Kamala Harris' communications director tested positive for covid on Wednesday and is considered a close contact to the vice president, Harris' office said.

05/04/22 22:18

President Joe Biden said it 'feels like the good old days' as he welcomed former President Barack Obama back to the White House on Tuesday.

05/04/22 19:39

Biden said it 'feels like the good old days' as he welcomed President Barack Obama back to the White House to push the Affordable Care Act - amid dismap poll performances.

05/04/22 13:32

Barack Obama will try to rescue Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterms with his first trip back to the White House on Tuesday as President Joe Biden presents his revamp of the Affordable Care Act.

05/04/22 13:22

Republicans pounced on Kamala Harris Monday after she visited a school in Washington, D.C. mask-less while students were still wearing their pandemic-era face coverings.

05/04/22 01:56

Amber Athey, a co-presenter on conservative newstalk station WMAL in Washington DC tweeted about Kamala Harris wearing a brown suit during the SOTU and deemed 'racist' and fired.

05/04/22 00:39

Republicans pounced on Vice President Kamala Harris Monday after she visited a school in D.C. mask-less while students were still wearing their pandemic-era face coverings.

04/04/22 23:36

Three Republicans in the Senate sided with Democrats in a 53-47 vote to discharge Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation from the Judiciary Committee for a full floor vote.

04/04/22 15:47

Vice President Kamala Harris's deputy chief of staff Michael Fuchs is set to leave the administration in May, the 11th staffer to leave in as many months.

02/04/22 05:31

The VP (left) was asked her opinion after President Joe Biden, 79, (right) made an off-the-cuff comment claiming Putin 'cannot remain in power'

31/03/22 17:53

VP Harris continues to face criticism for gaffes, word salad and laughing during appearances, with a Trump-era speech writer for Pompeo saying her rhetoric 'undermines American diplomacy'.

31/03/22 14:00

Joe Biden faced his first nomination defeat Wednesday evening when three moderate Democrats joined Republicans to tank Labor Department's Wage and Hour Division nominee David Weil.

29/03/22 23:14

Joe Biden signed a bill into law Tuesday afternoon that makes lynching a federal crime at a packed event in the Rose Garden alongside Vice President Kamala Harris and civil rights leader Al Sharpton.

29/03/22 22:52

Although the presidential election is still a long way away, Biden's unpopularity still a bad sign for Congressional Democrats looking to hold onto their slim majority in November's midterms.

24/03/22 22:53

TOM LEONARD: A new book detailing claims of a widening rift between President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris is causing major ructions in Washington.

23/03/22 15:45

Kirsten Allen will be Kamala Harris' new press secretary, moving over from the Department of Health and Human services (HHS) after three high-profile departures in the VP's press shop.

23/03/22 12:49

Kamala wasn't happy with her task with the migration crisis, wanting a more softball foreign policy assignment, and thinks Biden's 'white inner circle' looks down on her, an upcoming book details.

23/03/22 00:16

Kamala Harris's office kicked up a fuss over a Vogue cover that pictured the vice president in sneakers before being told to back down by President Biden's office.

22/03/22 13:26

The president has on multiple occasions been accused of punting critical but over-broad tasks to his deputy, notably including solving the southwestern border crisis, voting rights, and the space council.

21/03/22 21:14

Kamala Harris repeated four times in the matter of less than 30 seconds the 'significance of the passage of time' during an event in Louisiana Monday promoting high-speed Internet.

21/03/22 14:43

Vice President Kamala Harris's National Security Adviser Nancy McEldowney is stepping down, the 10th staffer to leave her office since June.

16/03/22 22:04

Kamala Harris is losing a ninth staffer in a matter of months in deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh, who is moving to the Defense Department.

12/03/22 21:52

Harris, 57, spoke at the DNC coming back from a trip to Europe to address world leaders about Russia's invasion of Ukraine and offered a hopeful message to fellow Democrats.

11/03/22 18:02

Thursday featured the odd occurrence of two vice presidents, one past and one present, in Poland amid Russia's devastating invasion of Ukraine.

11/03/22 16:30

Iuliia Mendel said seeing Vice President Harris laugh during her press conference was a 'very bad experience' for Ukrainians during the refugee crisis caused by Putin's invasion.

11/03/22 13:00

Vice President Kamala Harris met with U.S. troops in Poland Friday before traveling to Bucharest, Romania for her meeting with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on her final day in Europe.

10/03/22 22:32

Former Vice President Mike Pence visited the Ukraine border just as VP Kamala Harris met with Polish President Duda in Warsaw.

10/03/22 20:27

Zelensky's former press secretary tweeted then deleted a post that it would be a 'tragedy' if Kamala Harris were to become president after she laughed about the refugee crisis in Ukraine.

10/03/22 13:36

She also announced the US would be sending a further $50million to Poland for humanitarian aid to go towards the growing refugee crisis as people flee from Ukraine.

10/03/22 12:58

Kamala Harris dodged questions on why the U.S. declined a deal to send fighter jets to Ukraine during a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw on Thursday.

09/03/22 22:33

The Pentagon said Wednesday a plan to have Poland provide fighter jets that would end up in Ukraine risked being 'escalatory,' as VP Kamala Harris landed in Warsaw.

09/03/22 13:55

Vice President Kamala Harris's stepdaughter Ella Emhoff, flashed her abs in a cropped jacket on Tuesday while enjoying the last day of Paris Fashion Week.

09/03/22 13:16

Zelensky accused the U.S. of playing games with people's lives after the Pentagon poured cold water on plan to get fighter jets to Ukraine hours before Kamala Harris departed for Poland.

08/03/22 19:17

Emhoff, daughter of Harris' husband, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, and his first wife, Kerstin, attended the Miu Miu fall 2022 in Paris on Tuesday.