EXCLUSIVE: Alabama sex shop worker says Vicky White called in to buy STOCKINGS and browse sex toys days before busting 'murderer' lover Casey White out of jail

  • Vicky White called into Sugar & Spice in Florence, Alabama, days before busting her capital murder suspect lover Casey White out of jail
  • Worker Anna Jackson says Vicky bought stockings and browsed the store's sex toy selection
  • Jackson, a recovered addict who spent time at the jail where Vicky worked, says she'd have tried to warn Vicky off had she known her plan
  • Vicky shot herself dead after cops caught up with her and Casey in Indiana on Monday; he's now back behind bars  

Just days before she sprang her lover Casey White from jail, Vicky White bought sexy stockings and browsed the sex toy section of a local adult store, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Vicky, 56, visited Adult Novelties store, ‘Sugar & Spice’ in Florence, Alabama as she prepared for the break-out of which she has been labelled the ‘mastermind.’

Earlier, she visited a nearby Kohls store and bought men’s clothing for White, 38, to change into after she walked him out of Lauderdale County Jail on Friday April 29, under the auspices of taking him for a mental health check.

Now, Anna Jackson, 38, who served Vicky in ‘Sugar & Spice’ that day has spoken for the first time and given an insight into the woman who shocked all who knew her, when she walked out on her life and her career for the now notorious criminal awaiting trial for capital murder.

Jackson knew her too, she told DailyMail.com. She said, ‘I knew Vicky from when I spent four months in Lauderdale County Jail a while back.

Alabama sex shop worker Anna Jackson, pictured, says Vicky White paid a visit to the store where she worked to buy stockings days before breaking Casey White out of jail 

Sex shop Sugar & Spice is pictured. Jackson knew White from her own stint at Lauderdale County Jail and says she'd have tried to stop her had she known her plan 

‘I was in active addiction then and Vicky was the one who transported me for my court dates and what not, so we had an opportunity to talk to each other.’

She recalled, ‘One of my court dates I was having a hard time coping and seeing what my life was going to be like and Vicky was the one who said, “You got this.”’

In fact, Jackson recalled, she had been excited to tell Vicky that she was two years clean when the former assistant director of Lauderdale County Correctional Facility stepped into the store that day.

She said, ‘It actually hurt my feelings that she didn’t really acknowledge it. Vicky was different that day. She was changed. For someone who had been so supportive she just didn’t react when I told her my news.

‘Now I feel like I sound like a baby saying that, knowing what was going on with her at the time. But then I had no idea. I just knew she wasn’t herself.’

Jackson continued, ‘She seemed rushed and distracted. She only spent ten, maybe fifteen minutes in the store.’

Casey White is said to be devastated over the death of his prison guard lover Vicky White, who shot herself dead when the fugitive couple were cornered by police on Monday, DailyMail.com can reveal 

The store, just off Florence Boulevard in the northern part of the Alabama town, is divided into two sections. One side features sexy lingerie and kink gear, the other is devoted to sex toys and accessories.

According to Jackson, Vicky attended a sex toy party held by the store for the women who work at Lauderdale County Jail just a few months ago.

The event was held at a venue that the store no longer owns and was a fun evening intended to drive sales and introduce the women to some of the store’s products.

But Vicky wasn’t in the market for any of the many accoutrements on sale in that section of the store the day she visited ahead of her escape with White.

Jackson recalled that Vicky had a quick look around the sex toys section before stepping back out and saying, ‘I’d better wait.’

Instead, she left having purchased only a pair of sexy stockings.

Today Jackson admits that, had she known what was going on in Vicky’s mind, or what she was planning, she would have tried to caution her against it.

She said, ‘Of course I’d have tried to say something.’

But, she said, she doubts that anything or anyone would have made any difference. She said, ‘You can’t stop a person when they’re driven by love.’

And according to Jackson, knowing Vicky as she did, ‘I feel like for some reason she fell in love with him. She loved him and she was not doing what she did to hurt nobody. She did it because she loved him.

‘I don’t know him at all, but we can all fall for the wrong guy and the universe does crazy things.’

The day they heard that Vicky and White’s time on the run had ended with her death from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, Jackson and her colleague Tina Wright, 26, switched off the lights, closed up the store and had a moment of silence in Vicky’s memory.

Above all, the one thing Jackson said she remembers about Vicky is, ‘She never judged us. She was one of the ones you were happy to have about [in jail].

‘If you needed anything Vicky would get it for you if she could. There are a lot of people who are doing okay today because Vicky helped them.

‘Whatever she did she didn’t deserve to die the way she did.’


EXCLUSIVE: 'He was crying saying he can't believe she's gone.' Casey White's mother reveals her son is 'devastated' by Vicky's death and had talked of his love for his prison guard paramour for OVER A YEAR

Casey White 'really loved' Vicky White, is devastated by her death, and wept openly on a prison call to his mother the day after the prison guard shot herself in the head, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Speaking exclusively to DailyMail.com, White's mother, Connie Moore, 62, said: 'They were just two people who really loved each other. It's just so sad and I worry [for Casey]. 

'I spoke to him yesterday and he was crying and saying he couldn't believe she was gone,' she said at her home in Athens, Alabama.

Moore was talking for the first time since her son's 11-day stretch on the lam with Vicky came to a dramatic and tragic end.

Casey White's mother, Connie Moore spoke out for the first time since her son's 11-day stretch on the run came to a tragic end, in an interview with DailyMail.com. She said her son had a 'real thing' with Vicky and referred to her as his wife 

He was recaptured and Vicky, 56, died after a high-speed car chase in Evansville, Indiana, ended with the couple's car rammed into a ditch by law enforcement. Vicky died in hospital hours later from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

In the moments after the shot was fired White could be heard appealing to law enforcement for help for his 'wife.'

White – inmate number 00282371 – is now back in Alabama where he has been transferred to the maximum security William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility near Bessemer.

Now Moore has revealed that he called Vicky his wife during his time in prison too.

She said: 'Vicky was really, really, good to him – just being there for him, talking with him. They had a real thing.

'He was calling her his wife even when he was in prison. I just sort of went along with it, I didn't say, "You shouldn't" or whatever. It made him happy.'

There has been much speculation that it was in fact White who pulled the trigger on his lover.

Now, his mother has slammed that idea saying: 'He's very upset. I know he loved her. He talked to me for over a year about how he had a friend, how nice she was and how he loved her.

Vicky broke her inmate lover Casey White, 38, out of an Alabama prison where she had worked on April 29 and went on the run with him for 11 days, until they were captured Monday

Pictured Casey White at his arraignment in Florence, Alabama with a head wound he suffered during his recapture

The two were found 219 miles away from the jail they left in Alabama on April 29. The manhunt spanned three states

'He never told me her name and I was shocked when I learned who it was, but he would never hurt her. I told the FBI and the Marshalls too that he would not hurt her.'

Visibly emotional Moore said: 'I don't know what she was thinking [in the end]. They couldn't have got out and run, Casey couldn't run and where would he hide if he did?'

Asked if she had any message for Vicky's grieving family Moore said: 'I would just say I'm very sorry about it and from all that I've heard from Casey and from everyone she was a very good person. I just hate it with all my heart that it happened.'

She said: 'But Casey is not the monster that they've posted him to be. I think it's so sad that the comments that the whole world has made have made fun of both of them and a situation like this.

'I read a thousand comments, and nobody has a good word to say about any one of them.

'I didn't know who she was, but I know that they loved each other, and he talked about her.'

Assistant Director of Lauderdale Correctional Facility, Vicky walked out on her life and 17 years of unblemished service. 

She had received Employee of the Year award five times and was about to be awarded with the honor again when she sprang White from jail and went on the run.

The escaped prisoner, standing 6ft 9 tall, towers over the Indiana officers who captured him after running the couple's car into a ditch

The Motel 41 in Evansville, Indiana, where prison guard Vicky White, 56, and her inmate lover Casey White, 38, spent six days holed up after fleeing Lauderdale County Detention Center in Florence, Alabama, on April 29

These are all of the weapons the couple had in their Cadillac when they were rammed into a ditch by police on Monday 

The couple had just $29,000 of the $90,000 Vicky had withdrawn when they were caught on Monday

Friends and former colleagues have been left baffled by Vicky's actions. Speaking about Vicky's forthcoming award Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said, 'I think it just shows the kind of person that we thought she was.'

According to White's mother, Vicky was one of the few 'good women' in her son's life. All his troubles, she said, stemmed from two things – drugs and women – and the bad choices that her son has made with both.

She said, 'All of the women he's been with have emotional problems and Casey has a big heart and just wants to help people.'

The laundry list of violent felonies that have seen White sentenced to 75 years in prison and facing a capital murder charge for which he will stand trial next month, may speak against his mother's assessment of her 6ft. 9in. son as a peaceable giant, but Moore is insistent.

She said: 'The main thing for Casey has always been the drugs and the women.

'Growing up he was just a basic country kid. He was always tall, but nobody tried to pick a fight with Casey because of it. He was never violent but when there were drugs there, he would do them and it went from bad to worse.'


EXC: Alabama sex shop worker says Vicky White bought STOCKINGS days before prison break

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