Incredible moment Atlanta SWAT officer saves baby boy’s life by performing CPR on unresponsive infant after youngster’s family caught cop’s attention by blowing horn and flashing hazard lights

  • Special Police Officer Robert Oden began following a car that was honking its horn and flashing its hazard lights
  • A woman approached Oden clutching her 4-month-old baby saying he was 'unresponsive'
  • Almost immediately, Oden began administering CPR while also radioing for an ambulance
  • The Atlanta Police Department says that the streets are safer with SPO. Oden on them 

Friday the 13th proved to be very lucky for a baby boy called Pierre whose life was saved by a passing SWAT cop with impressive CPR skills. 

A member of the Atlanta Police Department's SWAT unit was in the right place at the right time when he saved the life of a 4-month-old baby by administering CPR. 

The amazing footage was all caught on the heroic cop, Special Police Officer Robert Oden's, body cam.  

Around 12:30 p.m. on Friday, SPO Oden was patrolling along the Martin Luther King Corridor when a car in front of him began to flash its hazard lights and honking the horn repeatedly. 

This was the moment that the horror began to unfold as the unnamed woman approached SPO. Oden

The baby boy, called Pierre, was cradled in the frantic woman's arms as she begged a cop for help 

SPO Oden followed the car to a nearby fire station when a distressed woman carrying a baby approached his vehicle, according to a statement from the Atlanta Police Department. 

The woman exclaimed that the child was 'unresponsive.' The APD statement added that the child was not breathing. 

SPO Oden exited his car and checked for a pulse on the infant. 

When he couldn't find a pulse, SPO Oden acted quickly and radioed for assistance while simultaneously beginning CPR on the tot's chest with his index and middle finger and then just his thumb.

The tot's chest was so tiny, SPO Oden was reduced to doing chest compressions with his thumb

By the time an ambulance arrived at the scene, the infant began making noises and was breathing

By the time an ambulance arrived at the scene, Oden had saved the baby's life as the child began to cough and move his legs.   

The APD statement read in part: 'Officers never know what to expect during their shift, they just show up ready to act. SPO Oden['s] actions were quick, calm, caring, and professional. This is another example of the heroic work that officers do on any given day. His response reflects a high level of training, readiness, and compassion. We could not be prouder of him in this critical moment.' 

The department's press release added that the streets of Atlanta are 'safer with SPO Oden.'

According to Oden's LinkedIn page, he has been with the APD's SWAT unit since 2004.   

The heroic officer Robert Oden pictured in his yearbook photo


Incredible moment Atlanta SWAT officer saves baby's life by performing CPR on unresponsive infant

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