Texas boy, 16, is accidentally shot and killed after being charged by angry wild hogs while out hunting with his mother and 19-year-old brother

  • Dylan Seymour, known as Dray,  was hunting the hogs when a pack of them turned and chased his family
  • Seymour was shooting at the hogs as they ran, only stopping when he realized that he had been shot
  • It's still unclear who shot him, and whether he was gunned down by a relative, although no one has been arrested  
  • The teen was an avid outdoorsman, especially loving hunting, fishing and playing baseball
  • The investigation into his death is ongoing but one sheriff's deputy described his death as 'clearly an accident' 

A Texas schoolboy was accidentally shot and killed as he, his mom and his brother fled in terror from a wild hog attack during a family hunting trip. 

Dylan Seymour, who went by D-Ray, was hog hunting with his mother, Amy Blackwell, and unnamed brother, 19, on her husband's property in Trent, Texas, on the night of May 7 when the horror unfolded.

Trent is located on the outskirts of the town of Abilene, Texas. Seymour was from Tolar, Texas, 50 miles south west of Fort Worth. 

The family were running from the hogs as the animals charged at them. As the charge ended, Seymour told his family: 'Stop, stop, I got shot,' reports The Fort Worth Star-Telegram. 

It remains unclear whether Dylan shot himself, or if he was accidentally struck by a bullet fired by a family member. No-one has been arrested, and cops say they're treating the tragedy as an accident.  

Seymour, who went by D-Ray, has been described as an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed hunting, fishing and playing baseball

Seymour's mother told Fisher County Sheriff's Deputy Joshua Benavides: 'I’m not exactly how he got hit, if we ran in to each other or what. It all just happened so fast. The last hog was still charging but ran by us as we were checking out D-Ray’s injury,' according to The Telegram's reporting.  

The Fisher County Sheriff Randy Ford said that Seymour was rushed to a local hospital in Sweetwater where he was pronounced dead on May 9, reports The Hood County News. 

Ford said that the investigation into Seymour's death is ongoing with the full report being issued 'sometime next week' when the autopsy results are finalized.

The Telegram quotes investigators as saying: 'It's unclear what exactly what happened. This incident was clearly an accident.' 

On the day her son was pronounced dead, Amy Blackwell posted his photo on her Facebook page with the caption: 'My baby boy'

Seymour's obituary describes the teen as loving the outdoors including hunting, fishing, camping and playing baseball as well as hanging out with friends and family.   

According to Fisher's obituary, his funeral will be held inside the Tolar High School gymnasium at 11 a.m. on Saturday May 17. He was a junior at the school.

His burial will follow at Tolar Cemetery. Fisher was due to turn 17 on May 17. 

Seymour's death is the second time that Tolar High School has been struck by tragedy this year.

A flyer was issued by Tolar High School asking for donations to help Seymour's family to pay for his burial

An account for donations to Seymour's family has been set up at the First National Bank of Granybury's offices in Tolar, Granbury, Pecan Plantation, Acton and Cleburne

In April 2022, freshman Evalina Celia Teresa Salazar, known as Lina, was left braindead following an ATV accident that resulted in the vehicle landing on her, reported The Hood County News at the time.

Salazar's life support machine was turned off two days after the accident. She was 15 years old.  


Boy, 16, is accidentally shot and killed after hogs attacked his family during hunting trip

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