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Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison is about to lose the great benefits of office. Pictured centre is Mr Morrison and his wife Jenny on the steps of the government plane, which they will no longer have access to. The family will now also have to pay for their own dry cleaning and groceries too. The services of a chauffered car (top right) and life in The Lodge (bottom right) and Kirribilli House will also be foregone, and instead handed over to new PM Anthony Albanese (left).

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Anthony Albanese met with US president, Joe Biden, the Japanese prime minister, Fumio Kishida, and the Indian prime minister on Tuesday. He was noticeably the only leader sporting the colorful accessory - and there's a big reason for it.

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Dante Wyndham Arthurs, then 21, followed Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia Shu to a toilet at a Perth shopping centre where he raped, beat and suffocated Sofia before fleeing 16 years ago.


The man, 28, had been riding an e-scooter with friends on the footpath of West Coast Drive near Perth's iconic Mettams Pool in Trigg at about 9:30pm on Friday when he was struck by the potato.

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Peter Dutton is all but assured to be the new leader of the Liberal Party as all the other major candidates pull out.

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Popular Australian scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has shocked fans after claiming almond milk lacks nutrition compared to alternatives.

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Maryan Bova has been helping people come to terms with their own morality for 25 years, and says while some people are quick to accept death is upon them others aren't.


Ian Thorpe has finally broken his silence after his ex-boyfriend Ryan Channing suddenly died in Bali earlier this month. The retired Olympic swimmer described his death as 'tragic' and said he felt for his former partner's family during this difficult time. 'This is a relationship that I had that was a long-term relationship and I feel for Ryan's family,' Thorpe said. 'I hope people are able to respect their privacy as well. I think when it is someone that is so young, it is tragic for anyone to see them passing at that kind of age.' While Channing's cause of death is yet to be confirmed, Indonesian police have said the 32-year-old died of an overdose of prescription medication.

Lisa Curry's daughter Morgan Gruell has welcomed her third child with her husband Ryan - a boy named Kit James Gruell.

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The five flatmates set up a secret camera in the driveway of their Randwick home in Sydney's eastern suburbs after hearing rustling and heavy footsteps for months.

Starling, 23, and his brothers Jackson, 25, and Josh, 20, were arrested for their alleged role in a 20-person brawl that unfolded at the Shady Palms hotel on the Central Coast in December 2020.

British model Kate Moss, 48, who dated Johnny Depp from 1994 until 1997 (left: pictured together), is set to appear at the actor's defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard (right) on Wednesday. The famously-private model, who rarely discusses her personal life, will be testifying publicly in support of Depp and is expected to shut down Heard's claim that the 58-year-old pushed Moss down the stairs. A source familiar with the case told the New York Post that Moss will talk about an incident when she 'was walking down some stairs in Jamaica. She was wearing flip flips and she slipped on the last two stairs. Johnny caught her and tended to her.' Heard had brought up the model in her testimony earlier this month, saying she felt connected to Moss due to a rumor that Depp pushed her down the stairs when they were dating back in the 1990s. But by mentioning the alleged misconduct, Heard inadvertently allowed Depp's lawyers to call her as a witness to discuss the rumor, which sources say is not true. In fact, after Heard brought up the allegation, Depp's legal team could be seen fist bumping and celebrating.

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DAILYMAIL.COM LIVEBLOG: Click for all the latest updates on Johnny Depp's libel lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard.


Jack Bloomfield, 20, from Brisbane founded his company Disputify two years ago with the aim to help online businesses detect purchases which are likely fraudulent.

'I was just 16 when you took my virginity on your office floor!' Astonishing moment woman stands up in church to accuse married pastor of grooming her as a teen  - forcing him to ADMIT IT in front of stunned congregation

Pastor John Lowe II stepped down from the New Life Christian Church after being confronted on stage by Bobi Gephart, a 43-year-old woman who came forward with a microphone to tell their church in Warsaw, Indiana, how he'd groomed her as a teen, starting when she was 16 - the legal age of consent in the state. Pastor Lowe II had just told the church that he 'sinned' 20 years ago by committing adultery, without mentioning how old the woman or girl was at the time. He begged for the church's forgiveness, then received a standing ovation. Bobi then stormed towards the stage with her husband, Nate.

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They were formally married during an alfresco ceremony at the medieval Castello Brown fortress in Portofino on Sunday. And newlyweds Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have been lapping up all the Italian Riviera has to offer as they continued their palatial wedding celebrations on Monday. The KUWTK star, 43, and her Blink-182 drummer husband, 46, were soaking up the sunshine - and married life - as they spent quality time together on the coast.

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TikTok famous Italian Nonna has rated each outfit at Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's wedding out of ten in a hilarious video that has gone viral with more than 2 million views.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian were seen arriving back in Los Angeles after celebrating sister Kourtney's lavish wedding to rocker Travis Barker in Italy.

While they are known for being some of the most beautiful women in the world, the Kardashians are no stranger to a good filter while posing on Instagram for their millions of followers. Sisters Kim, 41, (left) Kourtney, 43, (right) and Khloe, 37, have their social media accounts brimming with perfected snaps which often have noticeable differences to the away they look in real life while out and about attending events where the ability to tweak their appearances is out of their hands. It comes as the women made liberal use of filters as they shared a plethora of images from Kourtney's recent lavish nuptials to Travis Barker in Portofino, Italy, on Sunday.

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Kourtney Kardashian wasted no time changing her name on Instagram after tying the knot to Travis Barker.

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From their skin tone to their dresses, the women appeared to have touched up the images when posting Kravis wedding day images to their socials.

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Portuguese virologists, tasked with conducting Covid-like studies to trace the virus's evolution, claim the strain currently circulating is very similar to one that cropped up in Britain four years ago. But samples taken from a handful of patients struck down in the fresh outbreak suggest the virus has collated an extra 50 mutations. Seventeen countries have now detected the virus this month in an unprecedented global outbreak, sparking concerns it may have learned to spread easier among humans (shown on map). A senior WHO official (top right) yesterday claimed the leading theory explaining the spread of the disease was sexual behaviour at two raves held in Belgium and Spain.

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The outgoing defence minister is expected to replace Scott Morrison as Liberal leader after the party was defeated by Labor in the federal election on Saturday. 

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Thousands of Australians are at risk of developing 'tech neck' as more spend countless hours scrolling on phones and hunched over computers.

A single mum-of-two has revealed how ditching her corporate job to become an OnlyFans model gave her the freedom to become a better parent. Lucy Banks can now send her two kids to private schools which cater for their needs, has bought her first home, and can drop everything when her children have medical appointments. Before OnlyFans the family moved three times in five years and even had the electricity cut off as she negotiated life as a single parent.

Christie Whelan Browne announced a biting showbiz exposé of actors theatre two days before the star frontman she accused of inappropriate behaviour dropped his case against her.

Australian miners are calling for an industry-wide limit on booze, which limits them to four alcoholic drinks a day, should be applied to their bosses and not just FIFO workers on accommodation sites.

Trent Jeske, 23, was one of eighteen men arrested on Tuesday morning believed to be low and mid-ranking associates of the infamous Alameddine crime crew. The alleged member was able to show off his less rotund figure as he was escorted to a waiting police vehicle by two officers during a raid in Sydney's southwest. Jeske was able to shift the considerable amount of weight after having lap band surgery which involves putting a ring around the top part of the stomach. The arrests come as police crackdown on an alleged 'dial-a-dealer' ring which police say is flooding Sydney with illicit drugs and fuelling the underworld war. A 450-strong team of police officers raided 29 properties across the city's southwest on Tuesday, after a 10-month-long investigation into the crime group.

The first flight in more than two years of Qantas' flagship non-stop Perth to London route is finally back, marking a milestone in the return of international travel in our post-Covid world.

Port Adelaide and Adelaide Crows AFL players have led the outpouring of tributes for the personal trainer who went into cardiac arrest on his daily run up Mount Lofty.

John McEnroe and Tim Henman clash in an awkward live TV debate over Wimbledon's ban on Russian players, with the three-time champion calling for a BOYCOTT if Novak Djokovic and Co believe the decision is a 'mistake' 

Tennis icons John McEnroe clashed in an awkward live TV debate over Wimbledon's decision to ban Russian and Belarusian players from their tournament this summer - after the ATP and WTA stripped it of its ranking points following the controversial move. Wimbledon will now effectively be an exhibition and there has been a suggestion that players could skip the competition entirely. The All-England club have stood with the UK Government to condemn Russia for their invasion of Ukraine and said they have 'carefully considered the situation in the context of our duties to the players, to our community and to the broader UK public as a British sporting institution'. 

Reddit users from across the UK took to the forum to share their worst job interview experiences, from being asked to dress up in a sheep costume to a recruiter falling asleep in the meeting.

Your mattress needs to air to avoid unhealthy moisture being trapped in the bed, so pull back the bed linen to give the mattress the chance to breathe.

Failed Labor candidate Kristina Keneally (pictured left behind her policeman son, and right on the hustings in western Sydney) is back among her millionaire neighbours on Sydney's northern beaches after the humiliating loss of a safe Labor seat 70km away. Even her own uncle-in-law, acclaimed author Thomas Keneally, wrote on Tuesday that Labor 'parachuted candidates into plum seats over the intentions of locals'.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has already won over US President Joe Biden with the President calling the PM a 'brave man'. Both leaders met during the Quad Summit in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Anthony Albanese is now on a salary of $549,250 - marking a 40 per cent increase from his old job as Opposition Leader. This is occurring as the typical Australian worker takes a pay cut with inflation.

Australian author Kathy Lette has been blasted as a bully after she compared Jenny Morrison's dress on election night to something from The Handmaid's Tale - but others saw something different.


Twitter trolls have targeted Scott Morrison for not yet updating his Twitter profile, which still describes him as prime minister. They called for him to be reported for impersonating Anthony Albanese.

Scott Morrison must leave the heritage-listed Sydney mansion this week after being defeated at the federal election on Saturday, with Anthony Albanese to move in soon after.

The extraordinary comparison was made on the Sky News pundit's show, Credlin, last week - before Mr Albanese was sworn in as Australia's 31st prime minister on Monday.

Supporters of newly-elected Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese have created a Twitter account for his adorable pooch, Toto. 

Inside the AFL's Dreamtime footy disgrace: Fan says crowd was 'by far' the worst he's ever seen - with disgusting racial slurs against stars and condoms thrown at fans as man 'has skull smashed in didgeridoo attack'

A footy fan has slammed the 'disgusting' crowd at the AFL's showpiece Dreamtime at the 'G game on Saturday night - saying there were 'drunk scumbags everywhere'. Dan, an Essendon fan from Melbourne, said he's never been to a footy game with a worse atmosphere and half the crowd were 'just there to cause trouble'.

Amber Bowling, who was 21 at the time, placed the crying infant into a garbage bag and threw him over the second-story banister of an apartment complex, according to a citation.

NSW could soon have a shortage of police officers as recruits give up or move interstate because it's too expensive to become a cop, the president of the state's police union says.

Meghan's stuck in the middle! Awkward moment Duchess of Sussex is caught behind Harry and his polo teammates as they struggle to lift the trophy over her head

Meghan Markle, 40, was on hand to present Prince Harry, 37, and his team, Los Padres, with a trophy after they won an event at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. But the prize-giving had clearly not been rehearsed and Meghan ended up being squashed between Harry and one of his teenage teammates as they struggled to lift the heavy cup over her head for a photo. After a few seconds in the shadows at the back of the stage, Meghan stepped to the front of the stage for her moment in the spotlight. Footage of the encounter was shared online by a Twitter user who noted it looked like they 'didn't know where to put her' and then ended up 'blocking her with the trophy'.

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An anonymous hacker working within China's western Xinjiang province was able to leak almost 3,000 images of Uyghur Muslims detained in prisons and 're-education' camps in the region.

Former deputy chief medical officer Nick Coatsworth said monkeypox was not a novel virus like Covid and there is already an effective vaccine.

Footage shows Russian base destroyed by Ukrainian forces with NATO-supplied howitzer fired from 20km away 

The Ukrainian army demonstrated the potency of new NATO weapons reaching their hands on the front lines by obliterating a Russian base from 12 miles away. The Ukrainian artillerymen said they fired from a NATO-supplied howitzer at a distance of over 12 miles (20 kilometres). The 128th Mountain Assault Transcarpathian Brigade said they hit the base of Russian command staff and destroyed a military SUV marked with 'Z', killing several enemy soldiers in the process. The Ukrainian brigade said on 23rd May: 'From the first shot: The 'Transcarpathian Legion' hit a rashist target with a NATO howitzer from a distance of over 20 kilometres. 'Artillerymen of the 128th Mountain Assault Transcarpathian Brigade hit the base of the command staff of one of the units of the Russian Army. 'A military SUV marked with 'Z' and several nearby rashists were destroyed. 'The shot was fired from a howitzer that arrived in Ukraine as part of NATO aid.

The former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger told the global elite that Ukraine should give Russia territory within the next two months and accept terms that fail to meet current war aims.

IAN BIRRELL: A Russian tank officer who was captured after one month fighting in Ukraine was found to have been filming a home movie about the invasion on his mobile.

Anji Chalk, 22, suffers with such agonising back pain that she's forced to use a walking stick to get around and fears she'll be 'permanently disabled' by the crushing weight of her chest. The actor, left, pictured in 2019, has a condition called gigantomastia, which causes an exponential growth of excessive breast tissue. Now, right, her breasts are size 40K and she only leaves the house to go to work. Inset: Anji with one of her custom-made bras.


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It's the first time mother-of-four Kylie Patten has commented publicly about the tragic death of her three-month-old son Kevin since police made the horrific discovery in the family freezer last January. Ms Patten, 40, was arrested at the scene but released without charge the following day as Sydney homicide squad detective launched a hunt for her son's killer. Forensic experts took the boy's tiny body away for a painstaking post-mortem and kept it for almost two months before the coroner released him back to the family. Now Ms Patten has poured out her heart in the wake of his moving funeral.

The 'Flappy Fish Market T-Shirt', available through online t-shirt portal Teepublic, references an inflammatory comment the Pirates of the Caribbean star wrote about then-wife Amber Heard in 2016.

Pathologists across Australia are concerned people aren't properly reporting their Covid-19 positive rapid antigen tests.

Queensland security guard Kevin Martin catches out shoplifters using an old-school approach that involves swearing and forcing them back in the store to pay for items.

The Greens are calling on Victoria's state government to back a ban on a second-generation rat poison from being sold in stores to protect native wildlife that feed on the vermin.

Behind the doors of this contemporary country cabin is a stunningly chic home with picturesque views. The stylish country cabin is in Carrick, just 20 minutes from Launceston. With clean lines and veridical timber cladding, the magnificent home's exterior gives off a classic-meets-modern feel and inside it is a cosy contemporary retreat. A couple from Sydney can now call the idyllic country property their own after snapping it up for the exact asking price of $1.35million.

A Tasmanian football club strongly denied allegations one of their own players struck a teammate on the field which caused him to go into cardiac arrest. The match was abandoned and he was treated on the field

Almeda, 77, and Gary Hardwick, 23, from Tennessee, met at Almeda's son's funeral, in 2015, and have celebrated their wedding anniversary with a TikTok montage of loved-up moments.

Emergency services were called to the intersection of Third and Fifth avenues, Llandilo shortly before 7.20am on Tuesday, following reports of a collision between a car and a bus.

Galveston County Sheriff's deputies were overwhelmed over the weekend as they responded to mounting reports of assaults, brawls and DWIs when the 'Go Topless Jeep' festival.

Accused 'Captain Coke' is charged with allegedly smuggling $128MILLION worth of cocaine into Australia on his cargo ship - after cops made an extraordinary find in a campervan

The 51-year-old Montenegrin national was arrested (pictured left) by the AFP (right) on the the cargo vessel Interlink Veracity (inset) on Monday after he was allegedly a part of a smuggling plot in Port Hedland earlier this month.  He has been charged with importing a commercial quantity of border controlled drugs and is expected to face South Hedland court on Tuesday. 

A 24-year-old Canberra man on his P-plates has had his black BMW seized after he mistakenly sped away from police he thought were his friends trying to street race him.

Acting Prime Minister Richard Marles said: 'This government remains committed to Operation Sovereign Orders, and to the protection of lives at sea.'

Chris Dawson's murder trial has heard a story of a neighbour seeing Chris Dawson attacking his wife Lyn next to their swimming pool before he 'wrestled her to the ground and had her face in the mud'. In other testimony, a friend of Lynette Dawson's has told how the allegedly murdered woman described going home to Bayview on Sydney's Northern Beaches and finding the teenage schoolgirl - referred to in the trial as JC - 'naked' in the family swimming pool. Sue Strath told the court she said to Lyn 'I don't think the babysitter should be living there with you' and Lyn also said 'nothing will happen, my Chris wouldn't do anything wrong'. Ms Strath said Lyn always called her husband 'my Chris' and she 'had him on a pedestal.'

The vehicles collided on the northbound lanes of the Pacific Motorway just before 6am with the Juliette Street exit at Greenslopes now blocked.

JONATHAN McEVOY: The four-time world champion was trying to track down possessions taken through his car window on Monday morning, following Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix.

A popular Melbourne strip club, forced to close down during the Covid pandemic, has been gutted by fire after an out-of-control blaze ripped through the building.

Health authorities are warning people not to forage for potentially lethal wild mushrooms after a spike in poisonings.

An Australian influencer had to call her father for help after being 'scammed' by an ATM while on vacation in Italy. Former Bachelor star Bella Varelis, 27, (left and right) wasn't able to splash out at a Dior store after a dodgy cash machine stole her holiday savings - but her daddy (inset) 'came to the rescue' by wiring over some emergency funds, which allowed her to 'spoil herself'. Ms Varelis, who is travelling through Europe with her boyfriend Will Stokoe, documented her ordeal on Instagram on Monday, telling her 110,000 followers she'd been saving up for a lavish purchase and was worried the ATM 'scam' meant she'd go home empty-handed.

Foster mother Laura Castle, 38, who battered to death 13-month-old Leiland-James Corkill, recorded herself shushing him and pulling faces while waiting in a hospital, it emerged today.

Heavy rain is lashing Australia's east coast amid the wettest start to the year for Sydney in more than 130 years - and meteorologists say the downpour will continue all week.

Python Pool is a spectacular oasis in the middle of the Pilbara desert, less than a two hour drive inland from the mining town of Karratha in Western Australia. The watering hole is nestled in the stunning Milstream-Chichester Range National Park renowned for its natural beauty. Python Pool's ghost gum tree-lined natural lake is also a popular picnic spot. Being so remote, the only noises that can break the eerie silence are from the local bird life that echo off the rock faces.

University of Cambridge experts say slashing TV watching to less than an hour could help prevent 11 per cent of coronary heart disease cases, which kill 64,000 Britons a year.

Love letters sent by accused murderer Chris Dawson to his schoolgirl wife after she fled their crumbling marriage included lines like 'Till Death Do Us Part' and 'Oh you beautiful doll'.

The British-Iranian dual national, 44, revealed the horrors of her six-year imprisonment in Iran and the emotional ordeal of being separated from her young daughter Gabriella while at Tehran Airport.

An Australian home stylist has showed off her DIY coffee table after using six budget buys to put the unique piece together.

Fashion icon and beauty lover Trinny Woodall has unpacked her no-nonsense day on a plate that keeps her physically fit and alert at 58 - and the moisturisers she's using to maintain her youthful glow. The UK style guru released an in depth livestream alongside her trainer Nathalie Hayward to speak to exactly what products and nutrients she swears by for keeping healthy and svelte well into her 50s. 'I have some very unhealthy habits. I love sugar and I love bread and I love grazing. What I found as I reached that perimenopausal age is that my metabolism changed and suddenly it was having a negative effect on my body,' the creator of Trinny London said. 

DR VERENA BRUNSCHWEIGER: A couple lie beside each other in bed, in those peaceful hours as the sun is rising. Half-awake, the husband reaches out to his wife, romance on his mind.

Joe Biden insisted Tuesday that he didn't change the U.S.'s policy toward Taiwan after rattling China by answering in the affirmative when a reporter asked if he'd be 'willing to get involved militarily.'

AFLW star Tayla Harris has revealed the 'hilarious' way she crossed paths with her now girlfriend. Harris, 25, will also release a documentary on Tuesday showcasing her life to date.

James Swanwick still remembers the exact moment he decided to stop drinking alcohol for good, and it happened after a particular photo was taken with Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston. The 45-year-old Aussie founder of Alcohol Free Lifestyle snapped the shot in 2009 at a time when he was drinking between one and three drinks a night, and recalls having to suck in his stomach for the shot to avoid Aniston spotting his belly fat. 'I'm almost 18 kilos heavier in that photo compared to today. I'm barely recognisable,' he told FEMAIL.

The transgender woman opened up about it online and it sparked a major debate, with some people branding it 'unnatural' for her to breastfeed the baby - since she was born a male.

ROBERT HARDMAN: The Queen made her official British debut in a golf cart (pictured) in order to attend one of her favourite events: The Chelsea Flower Show.

The Duke of York, who this year agreed to pay a huge sum to settle a sex abuse scandal case before it ever reached a jury, is making daily visits with the monarch at Windsor Castle.

A career criminal, who has been cited multiple times previously for impersonating an officer, was indicted for the same offense in May 2022 after he attempted to apprehend two women who disputed their bill at a restaurant in Prince George's County, Maryland. The incident occurred on March 6 when Antione Tuckson, 37, armed with a bite dog equipped with a police vest, a Glock and taser, was working security while also impersonating a member of the US Marshal service. When the dispute arose with two women, it was Tuckson himself who called the Prince George's County Police Department. Tuckson flashed a badge to responding officers, who met close to the restaurant. The suspect is a resident of Waldorf, Maryland.

Former St Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt has expressed his feeling of guilt after he and former teammates tried to help Sam Fisher who is now facing serious drug charges.

The Earl and Countess of Wessex, Princess Beatrice, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke of Kent, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent and Princess Alexandra will also be at the show.

Sophie, 57, sported a pale pastel trouser suit as she visited the event in London today with Prince Edward, pairing her ensemble with brown wedges and a matching handbag.

The notorious subculture is famous for its retro mullet hairstyles, designer brand leisurewear, crossover bodybags and Nike TN sneakers. But it also has a disturbing reputation for escalating petty crime - with many sporting the trademark style now graduating from street crime to large scale drug dealing. Now the look has been hijacked by rich kids from some of Australia's wealthiest suburbs - but the original eshays have warned the well-heeled wannabes: You don't know what you're getting into.


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Google has calculated that over the past 15 years, Street View cars have travelled over 10million miles - a distance that circles the entire globe more than 400 times - and collected more than 220billion images from more than 100 countries and territories in the world. It Street View picture highlights include the White House at Christmas (top left), the waterways of Venice (top right), the Colorado River from inside a boat (bottom left), and the view from the Eiffel Tower (bottom right). Camel-back desert imagery was captured in 2014 (inset).

Just as plumbers use solder to join metal pipes, scientists can now employ a similar technique called laser tissue soldering to repair wounds.

Is this the most bizarre rugby try EVER? English star crosses to score but waits over TWO MINUTES before putting the ball down - here's why the other team let him do it

English star Will Homer scored one of the most bizarre tries ever seen at the World Rugby Sevens tournament in Toulouse on May 21, crossing the tryline but waiting over two minutes to put the ball down in farcical scenes during a pool game between England and Argentina - a move that was blasted by prominent referee Nigel Owens (left), who labelled it 'ungentlemanly conduct'.


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Heartwarming moment an orphaned joey holds on to a man's leg until it's returned to the security of the keeper's cloth pouch

The tiny joey was taken to The Kangaroo Sanctuary at Alice Springs where it sought security and warmth inside a cloth pouch without its mother present (left). The sanctuary claims that 'baby kangaroos feel safe safe, happy and loved when they are in their pouches.' 'Rooby (right) is very young, so spends just a few minutes a day out of her pouch to start to build strength in her tail and legs.'

When 19-year-old Harry Goad went to see his GP last October, he hoped it would be a simple case of obtaining a prescription, perhaps, or getting some reassurance.

The moment a manhole cover COLLAPSED under 18-month-old toddler who fell down sewage drain to his mother's horror before she jumped in to save him from river of human waste 

Amy Blyth, 23, (middle and right) was strolling with her 18-month-old son, Theo Prior, (far right) when he disappeared through a drain cover, which terrifyingly flipped over and then closed on top of him on Sunday afternoon. The footage, captured on CCTV from a neighbouring house, showed the moment the quick-thinking personal trainer jumped into the drain to rescue the tot and quickly plucked him from a river of human waste in Tenterden, Kent. The mother-of-one stood on ledges at the side of the sewer to reach down to her toddler son who had fallen to the very bottom. Luckily, she was able to grab hold of him and lift him out - but his clothes were left covered in human waste. Describing the 'horror film' moment, Ms Blyth said: 'My first thought was "Oh my God, he's dead.''' The incident happened on a public pavement and Southern Water have since apologised to the family and said they are 'taking the matter very seriously'.